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An Elephant Calling

My Safari into Their World

An Elephant Calling exists to provide accurate information to help orphaned wild elephants who have lost their mums to poachers.

I’ve learned these magnificent animals are in danger every day, and I know in just a few moments we do our part to help. Because there are so many websites that provide misleading and harmful information, we want to make sure people who are interested get the best information possible.

The following photos I took while in Africa, both on safari and while visiting their nurseries…

At Ithumba with the wild elephants.
The elephant whisperer… Benjamin.
I walk away so the orphans can drink.
What a blast these orphans are having in this mud hole.
Can you see me? I thought I’d hide behind this tree.
This guy was beautiful. His multicolors may not look real.
At Umani Sonje with her head in the air is a real show off.
Umani, that’s Sonje dusting herself.
Here they come from out in the bush!
Out of the bush they come one by one.
Trunks up….ahhhh I believe I smell strange humans.
I believe that’s little Wiva there… with Mum and the aunties.
So glad I got to make this trip with Capture Africa Tours.
This was taken while on a safari in the wild.
Mum and baby so content grazing in the marsh.
Taken from outside our room at Amboselie.
Young bulls thinking about sparing.
So much fun to watch these young bulls playing.
They are still at it.
The private visit at the nursery, there were babies everywhere, up close and personal.
They were so good about answering all of our questions.
This is Esambu, I ended up fostering her for my grand daughter Ava.
Just a couple left to argue with.

A Shared Mission

The mission of An Elephant Calling began with the death of a 17-year-old girl who loved elephants.  She was my granddaughter’s best friend, my husband’s best friend’s daughter, and she was like a daughter to me. Savannah Nichole Scheil’s death was so painful that I absolutely had to find a way to honor her that would make a difference on a long-term basis. After Savannah’s death, I fostered an elephant in her memory through The David Sheldrid Wild Life Trust, and my education about elephants began there. 

 I knew almost nothing about elephants when I began, but Savannah’s death opened a door into a world that would consume my life. My focus is on the poaching crisis and the truly horrific abuse elephants around the world are suffering.

Savannah gave me a gift when she died, and that was her love for elephants. 

Please feel free to share and post anything you feel might be helpful in getting the word out about the critical state our elephants and rhinos and many other wild animals are in. Please, let’s join together and work towards stopping the poaching crisis. Together we are better. We can do this! 

– Dee Donnelly, Founder, CEO, Writer/Editer, An Elephant Calling

Remarkable Advocates

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Rainforest Action Network
Save Elephant Foundation
Voices For Elephants
Wild Heart Wild Life Foundation
Elephant Nature Park

Let’s work together

We can make a difference if we band together to keep ourselves and others informed.