These magnificent animals are in danger every day.  It is important that we do our part to help.  Because there are so many websites that provide misleading and harmful information, we want to do our part in making sure people who are interested get the best information possible.  Below you will find links to websites that contain petitions, ways to donate, fun facts, and general information to help you to learn more about the amazing animal that is the elephant.  Please, if something on this page reaches out to you and touches your heart, find a way to help, either financially or just by spreading valid information about this issue.  We are striving to be a community that helps elephants, and each of us has a vital role.  


We appreciate your help in informing the public about elephants, so please feel free to leave any info our website viewers might find informative and/or fun in the Comments section below.


Pictured above is one of 3 Desert Bulls Namibia lawmakers are issuing permits on.

Shameful!!! Three Desert Bulls in Danger of Being Hunted!

It is absolutely horrible that Namibia lawmakers are now giving licenses to hunt these nearly extinct Desert Elephants.  To view the full story, Click Here.

Incredible Desert Elephants Documentary

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is one of An Elephant Calling's favorite websites.  There are so many beautiful stories on this site, and there are also informative stories that make us realize that these animals need our help.  Let's do all we can!

Rainforest Action Network  Although our site is elephant specific, we care about all species that are endangered by poaching and by man's ignorance in general. Part of saving these animals is helping to save their habitats, which includes The Rainforests.

Save Elephant Foundation  Check this website for up-to-date information about elephants and how to help save them.

Voices For Elephants  is a page that is run by my dear friend, and partner in crime, Carla Oakley. Carla and I share the same passion and goals when it comes to saving these animals.  You will find her page very informative, and she will be there also to help answer questions.  I call her "My Ellie PI" because she can sure find it.

Project Elephant - All India Elephant Population Estimation

Cincinnati Zoo has shown meso much about stamina and dedication.  Just like the DSWT and many other rescues and conservations, they truly care for their animals.  They kept that baby hippo, Fiona, up when she dropped to the ground so premature, not having a clue in this world what to do for her and scared to death.  You know what? That silly, beautiful Fiona is here today doing what hippos do and learning how to trust her caretakers and allow them to give her the best care possible.  In my eyes, they get the #1 zoo vote from An Elephant Calling for the last year.  Big kudos to those dedicated keepers of Fiona!!!!!!! 

The Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation is a foundation that we at At Elephant Calling believe very strongly in. They work very hard for The Rhino Orphanage in helping to reintigrate them back into the wild when they're ready. They also deliver milk, supplements, and any other supplies they could ever need. They provide this service for Rhinos as well as other wild animals that have been orphaned in one way or another, including poaching and natural death of the mother. The Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation is in need of donations and this is a cause that An Elephant Calling chooses to support financially and in any other way they can.